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The secret to datacenter cooling…

At the Quonix Data Center in Philadelphia, PA people are always shocked by how cool it is in our facility. A stable 72 degrees, year round. How do we do it? Whats the secret? Well, its simple. 3.4 BTUs per … Continue reading

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I love when somebody else has a disaster. It serves as a great example of how not to do things, and furthermore, it debunks the myth that big providers are always better then smaller regional providers. On July 1st, 2009 … Continue reading

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Why is Spam getting worse?

I am not a doctor, but Spam is like diabetes, its a progressive illness. The longer you have it, the worse it gets. This may sound anecdotal, but its true. At Quonix, we have been filtering email for people since … Continue reading

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Why are breaker ratings so important? Should I care if my datacenter does not follow them?

Those who use datacenter services for their IT operations know much about OS technologies, databases, and server hardware, but unfortunately, many IT professionals are not familiar with safe power practices and the ramifications if they are not followed. The most … Continue reading

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