Centrifugal Humidification Goes Live…

We recently received our first CAREL brand centrifugal atomizing humidifier, the HumiDisk65. In addition to providing 7 liters per hour of humidification, the unit only uses about 200Watts. The resulting adiabatic cooling comes to about a 1-ton reduction in hourly BTU’s. Additional units may be installed over the next few months depending on the output of this first unit.

CAREL is one of the few manufactures that make industrial grade centrifugal humidifiers for the telecom/datacenter space.

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  1. TheDoctor says:

    Centrifugal Humidification is great, but you do have to pay attention to water treatment. We initially ran a 10 micron media water filter, but that was not enough. We were getting significant powdery build-up from the mist vapor. We need to switch to a 1 micron media water filter, and that greatly reduced the powdery build-up.

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