British Airways is unethical in their online ticket sales

For those readers who expect colocation topics, I am sorry. But when you have a blog you have the ability to let people know of your experiences. I was so shocked by how British Airways scammed me that I feel compeled to tell the story here.

I recently purchased an international flight via British Airways. Total cost was $846. There were two other carriers (USair and Delta) who were $10-$20 cheaper, plus a few carriers who were more expensive. I did alot of shopping around on sites like and to find the best price. Ultimately I decided to go with British Airways.

I went to the British Airways site and purchased my ticket online. When the whole process was done, I had my confirmaion number, final total was $846. Then I login to select my seats. To my surprise, it will cost a total of $90 to select my departure and return seats (1-stop flights). So in essence, this ticket really cost me $936. What pisses me off is I could have went with Delta for $834 and had ZERO seat fees.

British Airways (BA) says you can wait until 24 hours before departure and select seats for free, but we all know when that time comes, there probably wont be any seats left, especially since they overbook flights.

Nowhere in the order process does BA disclose the seat fee. I even clicked and read all their terms and conditions, doesn’t mention seat selection fees anywhere. When I called to complain, they told me to do a google search of their site for “seating” which returned a page stating the fees. Yeah, that helps, what am I supposed to be a mind reader. If you dont disclose it in the order process how am I supposed know about it.

I am disputing the charge with AMEX to get the ticket refunded so I can fly Delta. As a business owner, it really annoys me how some businesses abuse customers and trick them into higher pricing. I will never purchase a BA ticket for the rest of my life because of this.

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