Repairing Tate Access Floor Tiles

How to repair floor tiles?

For this article I am referring to the newer style of Tate access floor tiles. The newer style has a single piece of laminant that runs from edge to edge. The older style tiles had the laminant end about a quarter inch short of the edge with the remaining space filled with a black edging strip that frequently snapped off.

The new style is great, but over time the laminant will start to pull away, especially in data centers with low humidity. Its simple to repair.

The laminant is held in place by contact glue, similar to a kitchen countertop. Contact glue can be loosened and re-hardened with heat.

To reattach your Tate laminant get a standard clothing Iron – the kind with a non-stick bottom. Set the iron temperature to medium and turn off the steam. Obviously, do this repair work outside the datacenter. Place the iron on the tiles laminant surface and slowing move it around. The laminant surface needs to be heated for at least 2 minutes. After properly heated use a surface roller to apply even pressure over the top of the laminant and press it down hard to the tiles underlying metal frame. Continue to use the roller until the surface has cooled down. At this point your laminant will be 100% re-attached.


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