Voicenet Outage – Northeast Philadelphia

Another local datacenter outage to report. Voicenet facility located in Northeast Philadelphia had a major network outage last night. Reports from a collegue of mine that manages equipment there indicates the outage lasted for about 45-60 minutes. The outage even took out Voicenet’s phone system so customers who have equipment in the Voicenet Datacenter couldn’t even call in and complain.

I cant say it enough… Dont colocate equipment in datacenters that dont have true diverse network connectivity. Voicenet claims redundant fiber, but its just a single fiber ring. Yes, a ring has redundant fiber and two paths to prevent a fiber breakage, but its still a single ring operated by a single entity, with an equipment SPOF (single point of failure) at the other end. The only thing a ring protects against is back-how digging up the street or a tree falling down. Datacenters needs to have true diverse fiber. That means separate fiber paths coming in via separate entrances, and the fiber itself must be owned and operated by separate entities with completely separate routing platforms.

The scary thing is there are serveral datacenters in the Delaware Valley that operate off fiber ring topologies. Stay away from these datacenters, its just an outage waiting to happen.

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  1. TheDoctor says:

    Followup to the October 19th, 2011 outage. Voicenet had another datacenter outage on November 21st, 2011 from about 12:50pm to 2:00pm EST. No explanation was given as to what caused the outage.

  2. Benny says:

    I used to use voicenet as my dial up provider… even back then they had nodes dropping like flys.. never could get a good “Winsock” connection.. wow winsock thats taking me back google old PPP connections.

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