Choosing a local VOIP Provider for your Business Phone

We recently switched over to a new VOIP provider for our phone services. In the past we were using one of those large national providers, service was okay, but it could be much better. Telecom is normally treated as a commodity, that is, if all the features are there its a matter of who has the lowest price. Yes, everyone has the same features, and prices can vary, but there are several intangible aspects that you cant easily identify.

We decided to use a local VOIP provider who is in our area because we felt that having local access to the company would be beneficial. The provider, Essenz, Inc., is based in Lafayette Hill, PA – just 20 miles or so from our offices. Their business phone solution had all the features we were looking for and the price was very competitive. Best of all, the phones were personally delivered to our location and setup by a technician – this is free and included in their service. Because they are local, they also offer same day (4 hour response) hardware replacement if the phone fails.

These bonus features make all the difference, and trust me, if your phone dies, waiting 1-2 business day for a replacement to be shipped is not ideal. I encourage people to look locally first, you’ll be amazed how many great providers are right in your backyard.

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