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Cloud Computing and VPS Confusion

I hate terminology. I especially hate terminology when people gets things confused and use it improperly. My latest annoyance is the confusion and miscommunication of the terms Cloud Computing and VPS (Virtual Private Server). The problem is that some hosting … Continue reading

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Why local hosting providers are better…

We all hear how its good to buy our produce locally, but what about buying web hosting services locally. Interestingly, your company will be better off if you host with a local provider, and it has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Its a Winter Wonderland… Awful for Business Continuity

Anyone living in the Mid-Atlantic region is well aware of the recent weather conditions wreaking havoc on local residents and businesses. Just last week, PECO had over 300,000 power outages in the 5 county Philadelphia area. Many of these outages … Continue reading

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How can grid-tie solar be bad for everyone?

This is slightly off-topic, but nonetheless falls into my wheel house of all things electrical. Many people are aware of the concept of grid-tie solar systems, either DIY or through a company like SolarCity. Sidebar: Stay away from SolarCity, its … Continue reading

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Why the Cloud is Awful for Your Business

In my 15 years of IT experience no term has annoyed me more then the “Cloud”. For starters, the term “Cloud” is a simplification of the idea of hosted services for non-technical decision makers. For the past 10 years or … Continue reading

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Its important to choose who you want as a Customer

Customers may choose you, but its also important to choose who you want as a customers. For years, I have been telling people that one secret to success in the datacenter business is be picky when it comes to what … Continue reading

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Choosing a local VOIP Provider for your Business Phone

We recently switched over to a new VOIP provider for our phone services. In the past we were using one of those large national providers, service was okay, but it could be much better. Telecom is normally treated as a … Continue reading

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Influx of Colocation in Philadelphia post Hurricane Sandy

We have seen a dramatic increase in colocation activity in the Philadelphia area following Hurricane Sandy.  Sandy effectively knocked out several North Jersey and Lower Manhattan facilities for over a week.  The Whitehall St. facility in Lower Manhattan was without … Continue reading

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Voicenet Outage – Northeast Philadelphia

Another local datacenter outage to report. Voicenet facility located in Northeast Philadelphia had a major network outage last night. Reports from a collegue of mine that manages equipment there indicates the outage lasted for about 45-60 minutes. The outage even … Continue reading

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Why did my Data Center UPS Fail?

I hear this all the time. Most people move out of a datacenter because something bad happened, and its usually a major power failure that causes the most trouble. In this article, I am going to outline and analyze a … Continue reading

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