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How can grid-tie solar be bad for everyone?

This is slightly off-topic, but nonetheless falls into my wheel house of all things electrical. Many people are aware of the concept of grid-tie solar systems, either DIY or through a company like SolarCity. Sidebar: Stay away from SolarCity, its … Continue reading

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Influx of Colocation in Philadelphia post Hurricane Sandy

We have seen a dramatic increase in colocation activity in the Philadelphia area following Hurricane Sandy.  Sandy effectively knocked out several North Jersey and Lower Manhattan facilities for over a week.  The Whitehall St. facility in Lower Manhattan was without … Continue reading

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Voicenet Outage – Northeast Philadelphia

Another local datacenter outage to report. Voicenet facility located in Northeast Philadelphia had a major network outage last night. Reports from a collegue of mine that manages equipment there indicates the outage lasted for about 45-60 minutes. The outage even … Continue reading

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Why did my Data Center UPS Fail?

I hear this all the time. Most people move out of a datacenter because something bad happened, and its usually a major power failure that causes the most trouble. In this article, I am going to outline and analyze a … Continue reading

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Repairing Tate Access Floor Tiles

How to repair floor tiles? For this article I am referring to the newer style of Tate access floor tiles. The newer style has a single piece of laminant that runs from edge to edge. The older style tiles had … Continue reading

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Why does my datacenter feel warm?

As soon as November approaches I start hearing this question more and more. Someone will come in from the outside and walk into the datacenter and immediately say, “It feels warm in here, is something wrong?” The answer is NO, … Continue reading

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To ping or not to ping… that is the question!

The other day I had a customer call and complain about high ping latency between our router and his server. I asked, what are you pinging? The default gateway he replied. Well, there’s your problem. Ping one of our servers, … Continue reading

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New Cooling Technologies for Data Center – Green or Not?

Once again, vendors are ramping up with new and advanced data center cooling technologies, in fact, I have received many calls just in the last 2 months. There is a common thread, they claim up to 80% reduction in energy … Continue reading

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Why do so many datacenters advertise Dry Pipe Preaction Sprinklers?

I’ve been seeing this more and more lately and its time to clear the air. In the past, dry chemical fire suppression was the standard. Either Halon or FM200 dry chemical gas would suppress the fire by removing all oxygen … Continue reading

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The Myth about Mid-West Datacenters

Some articles have been written recently about where the best location for running and building a datacenter is. These reports always pick mid-western states as the ideal locations due to cost. South Dakota or Kansas is a great place to … Continue reading

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