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How can grid-tie solar be bad for everyone?

This is slightly off-topic, but nonetheless falls into my wheel house of all things electrical. Many people are aware of the concept of grid-tie solar systems, either DIY or through a company like SolarCity. Sidebar: Stay away from SolarCity, its … Continue reading

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Why did my Data Center UPS Fail?

I hear this all the time. Most people move out of a datacenter because something bad happened, and its usually a major power failure that causes the most trouble. In this article, I am going to outline and analyze a … Continue reading

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Why are breaker ratings so important? Should I care if my datacenter does not follow them?

Those who use datacenter services for their IT operations know much about OS technologies, databases, and server hardware, but unfortunately, many IT professionals are not familiar with safe power practices and the ramifications if they are not followed. The most … Continue reading

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